Who blogs anymore, right? This guy. While the medium has changed significantly over time, it’s still a valuable tool for content marketing and a great way to share a message. My written work has appeared in magazines (NH to Do Magazine, Merrimack Valley Magazines), local newspapers (The Conway Daily Sun, The Portsmouth Herald, and on various business blogs and print materials, websites and social media campaigns. In addition, I have been involved with the podcasting world, as both a co-host on the NH Brand Project as well as the top ranking outdoor podcast, the Fish Nerds (yes I’m working on their new website too.)

How Technology Can Assist Your Customer-Feedback Strategy

It is simply not enough to run advertisements in this say and age. To keep your brand relevant and increase your customer base, you need to stay in tune with what your customer needs. The best way to do that? By gathering and listening to customer feedback. Monitoring...

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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Elasticsearch

As information for business analytics becomes increasingly complex, new tools for interpreting business intelligence sourced from a wide range of datasets become increasingly important. Elasticsearch is an open-source, non-relational database...

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4 Online Platforms You Should Be Utilizing

As is true with everyone, we are always looking for smarter and more effective ways to grow their market and network. With the advent of countless business-centered platforms, it can be difficult to determine which ones are actually helpful. Here are 4...

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On Flexible Work Arrangements and Working From Home

Flexible Work Arrangements Flexible work arrangements seem to be all the rage, and many employers have seen great success offering remote work and/or staggered scheduling for their employees. I am fortunate enough to have the experience, and the...

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NH Brand Project Radio Show, Thirst Productions, Transcript.

Interview – Rich Collins, Kristi Baxter and Michael Cameron transcribed loosely from the New Hampshire Brand Project Radio Show. Michael Cameron- Rich Collins is the founder of Thirst Productions. Welcome to the New Hampshire Brand Project Radio Show!   Rich Collins –...

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Why I love Where I Live, Portsmouth NH

I confess. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I have been unfaithful. Having moved just outside your borders to the Town of Greenland, I sometimes tear up having called you my home for a decade or so. I miss you. The good news is, the entire Seacoast Community defines Port...

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Exploring the Weeks Brick House Nature Trails, Greenland, NH

When Seacoaster’s say, “Hey, let’s go for a hike,” few think about Portsmouth’s neighbor, Greenland, as a destination for rambling through the woods. But right in our own backyard is a small, but incredible trail system known as the Weeks Brick House Nature Trails,...

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WordPress Security. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Most of us are jumping onto the Wordpress bandwagon these days, I know i get misty eyed when I see the amazing level of control and capabilities the open source content management platform offers. And with all good things related to technology, with widespread...

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Technology and The Monetization of Everything.

Many of us, myself included, tend to believe that technology is free. Aside from Microsoft Windows/Office, and specialty programs like Photoshop, I don’t pay for a lot of technology outside of my Playstation and iphone/PCs….or do I. I dropped by People’s United Bank...

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